Understanding employee savings and retirement

GAY-LUSSAC GESTION assists you in setting up and managing your company savings schemes.

An employee savings and retirement plan is a collective savings scheme allowing each employee, company director and his or her collaborating spouse or partner (for companies from 1 to less than 250 employees) to build up personal savings under advantageous tax and social conditions.

These schemes meet social, strategic and financial objectives with a commitment to employees by involving them in the company’s development.

Our solutions

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Our range of financial supports

Employee savings and retirement plans are invested in company mutual funds (FCPE).

This is a collective investment vehicle made up of transferable securities (monetary products, bonds and/or shares).

Each FCPE has 3 indicators (Breakdown between monetary products, bonds, shares/ investment horizon/Risk level) which help the beneficiary in his choice of investment according to his specific objectives (Project savings, precautionary savings, and retirement).

Our partner provides 2 simulators to help in the choice of investment support(s).

These tools allow us to establish an investor profile (projects, investment horizon, level of performance sought and risk to be taken) in order to make the right investment choice.


FCPE Multi-Company funds

Open to employees of several different companies. These FCPEs have been designed to provide a turnkey solution.

Some informations

GAY-LUSSAC GESTION provides you with supports dedicated to employee savings and retirement schemes.

The supports at your disposal :

Presentation of our offers
Guides and instructions for membership
Practical information sheets
Secure Internet space dedicated to the company

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