In order to provide balanced management between risk and return, our teams offer investment solutions based on a fundamental company analysis model aimed at identifying sustainable growth levers and reducing volatility.

We provide our clients with investment solutions that focus on :

  • Recurring performance;
  • Resilience in the face of the economic and financial environment;
  • Rigorous and consistent management of the risk/return trade-off.


Our investment methodology is based on a standardized and strict stock selection process based on four steps:

  • The application of a quantitative filter on the investment universe, based on two defensive criteria (Low Volatility and Low Beta) and a positive performance criteria (Momentum).
  • The establishment by a committee of experts chaired by economist Jean-Pierre Petit of a macroeconomic scenario that identifies both structural and cyclical investment themes.
  • The selection by the management team of stocks that meet these structural and cyclical challenges.
  • The construction and monitoring of the portfolio with a focus on risk management and performance.


Gay-Lussac Gestion and our teams are committed to combine performance and sustainable growth. We consider sustainable investment as a set of progress to be made, resolutions to be taken and challenges to be met in order to respond to current and future issues.

This is why our management company is committed to implementing a policy aimed at limiting the effects of climate change, social inequalities and unfair business practices. We take into account economic, financial and operational factors while integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Our offers

Our “European Equities” offer includes 3 mutual funds (FCP) managed by the Gay-Lussac Gestion team:


Our “Diversified Strategies” offer includes 2 mutual funds managed by the Gay-Lussac Gestion team:


Our “American Strategies” offer includes 2 sub-funds of the Raymond James Fund SICAV managed by the REAMS Asset Management and EAGLE Asset Management teams:

Our team

Louis de FELS
Managing Director - Head of Asset Management, Partner
Equity Portfolio Manager - Analyst
Guillaume BUHOURS
Equity Portfolio Manager - Analyst
Equity Portfolio Manager - Analyst
Equity Portfolio Manager - Analyst
Equity Portfolio Manager - Analyst
Emmanuel GABAÏ
Extra-Financial Analyst

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Our advisers and experts are fully available for any kind of request; clarification or guidance in your current or future investment projects.



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