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Gestion de Fortune – Raymond James AMI becomes Gay-Lussac Gestion

Raymond James AMI becomes Gay-Lussac Gestion. This name change is due to the management buyback of the American Raymond James Financial shares to gain in agility.

Raymond James Asset Management International, a company founded in France in 1995, becomes independent and hands over to Gay-Lussac Gestion. A change of name resulting from the repurchase of the shares held by Raymond James Financial, a company created in Florida in 1962 and listed since 1983 on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s stated objective was to increase its flexibility on the European market.

Family spirit
The new name refers to the chemist-physicist Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac, of whom Emmanuel Laussinotte, who presides over the destiny of the company, is a descendant. Gay-Lussac,” notes the manager in a press release, “manages more than €1 billion and aims to double its assets under management in three years. The company, which employs 20 people in Paris and Brussels, will also strengthen its teams. »

The company is known in particular for its expertise in the field of small & mid caps and, beyond fund management, for its private management and corporate savings offer. GLG will maintain links with its former parent company, for product management in one direction and for the provision of research in the other. Entrepreneurs,” rejoices Emmanuel Laussinotte, “we are looking to the future with new responsibilities and new agility. »

Gestion de Fortune – Michel Lemosof – 26 janvier 2021