The strength of our wealth management services is based on :

  • Financial management characterized by a rigorous investment process and a search for long-term performance with controlled risk, within the framework of flexible and conviction-based management.
  • Responsible financial management with an investment policy focused on the ESG character of investments according to criteria determined collectively by our experts.
  • A quarterly strategic committee, which defines investment orientations and trends, allowing us to regularly refine our portfolio allocation.
  • Total independence, allowing us to offer customized solutions to each of our clients. This is why we have built an investment structure with an open architecture and complete transparency. We can access a panel of markets, assets and solutions to adapt portfolios to market changes while protecting and enhancing your assets according to the context.
  • We have a broad know-how in asset management and special expertise in small and medium-sized companies in the European and American markets.
  • Full availability of our staff and personalized support at all times.


Your assets are important; they evolve according to the major stages of your professional, family and personal life. Key moments in which the Gay Lussac Gestion teams will be able to know how to support and help you.

Our team

Aurélia de LA MALÈNE
Managing Director - Head of Wealth Management, Partner
Adrien BLUM
Managing Director - Head of Strategy & Development - Private Client Manager, Partner
Director of the Belgium office, - Private Client Manager, Partner
Private Client Manager

You have a question, an inquiry?

Our advisers and experts are fully available for any kind of request; clarification or guidance in your current or future investment projects.