Where find us?


45 avenue George V – 75008 Paris
Téléphone : +33 1 45 61 64 90
Fax : +33 1 45 61 64 94


140 avenue Louis B  – 1050 Bruxelles
Téléphone : +32-2-896-65-14
Fax : +32-2626-1090

Why choose Gay-Lussac Gestion ?

The strength of independence nourishes our collective and responsible commitment.
Gay-Lussac Gestion (initially under the name Raymond James Asset Management International) is a management company that has been active since 1995 in three areas of expertise: wealth management, fund management and corporate savings.
Our management company is independent, a guarantee of freedom and responsiveness and anchors its strategy in the long term, the ever more personalized support of our clients and a philosophy of performance: investing in quality companies, often-family businesses and over the long term. The only performance that counts is the performance over the long term. Managing a portfolio or assets means taking the time to get to know the needs, objectives and expectations for each client, and taking a long-term view, just like our expertise of the market and its players acquired over time.