At Gay-Lussac Gestion, we have developed a global responsible investment strategy that takes into account the principal adverse impacts (“PAI”) and sustainability risks of our investment decisions, particularly with regard to the Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) criteria – ESG – and this for our entire range of funds.
Principal adverse impacts refer to the negative impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors such as the environment, social issues, respect for human rights and anti-corruption.
This implementation is based on Gay-Lussac Gestion’s own extra-financial methodology, as well as a set of commitment policies:

  • A Best In Class SRI approach, focused on the sectorial materiality of each industry;
  • Exclusion policy for controversial sectors;
  • Shareholder engagement and voting policy;
  • Compliance with international codes and standards (UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines, etc.),
  • Signatory of the UN-PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) and annual SRI reporting;
  • Consideration and analysis of extra-financial criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance, Societal);
  • A follow-up of the controversies of the issuing companies.

Our Gay-Lussac Green Impact fund is even more committed to socially responsible investment by having sustainable investment as its main objective. This strategy favors investments in stocks that are part of different sustainable themes such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, or sustainable innovation. We have implemented these themes by applying an inclusive sector strategy and by measuring the environmental impact of the fund through impact measurement indicators, such as:

  • Carbon footprint measurement
  • Green intensity measurement
  • Two indicators to measure alignment with the 2° target of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Measurement of alignment with the European taxonomy

We are convinced that financial and extra-financial performances can go hand in hand: this is what we demonstrate every day through our approach to responsible investment.

“Gay-Lussac Gestion has implemented a responsible investment strategy for all its financial activities, developing a global ESG approach through its investment processes. Our goal is to achieve a positive impact on society by optimizing our investment choices. Aware of future challenges, we work according to a continuous improvement approach to offer products according to a coherent and homogeneous methodology aligned with future and current regulations.”.

Emmanuel LAUSSINOTTE, Chairman, Head of the Gay-Lussac ESG Committee

Our responsible approach

Alignment with current regulations
such as the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) and the European Taxonomy 2020/852
A comprehensive and transparent methodology
combining internal extra-financial analysis with external ESG recognized data providers
combining our clients' sustainable investment objectives with their responsible personal values and beliefs.

Solidarity financing

Our approach favors companies that, through their activity, commitment and organization, have a positive impact on people, society and the environment. This same logic applies to our funds, which integrate ESG criteria into our investment choices.

Through this approach, which claims to be constructive, we intend to support improvement processes. We pay particular attention to sectors such as energy efficiency, the circular economy, sustainable innovation and renewable energies, whose activities combine economic performance and positive impact.

Through our investments, we are also particularly attentive to gender parity, equal opportunities and well-being at work.

We apply this commitment to greater responsibility to ourselves by implementing good practices in our day-to-day activities.

A governance and shareholders commitment

Notre approche de l’investissement s’appuie sur l’analyse des pratiques de gouvernance des entreprises dans lesquelles nous investissons. Nous défendons une gouvernance claire, aux ambitions et aux missions bien définies. Nous sommes attentifs au respect des bonnes pratiques et aux efforts menés pour promouvoir la parité ainsi que la diversité.

Enfin, en tant que gestionnaires, nous exerçons une vigilance particulière sur les pratiques des droits des actionnaires, en particulier minoritaires, et sanctionnons les pratiques illégales telles que la corruption ou le blanchiment d’argent. 

Our engagements

Signatory of the UN-PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)

Gay-Lussac Gestion participates in several initiatives related to Socially Responsible Investment (Principles for Responsible Investment, Forum for Responsible Investment, etc.).


Gay-Lussac Gestion participates in the greenhouse gas reduction objectives of the Paris Agreement in the following ways:

  • Reducing its emissions by promoting a reduction in the use of paper and plastic

Gay-Lussac Gestion has also launched the following actions:

  • To offer flexibility to its employees (whose personal organization requires it) in the organization of their work through various means: teleworking, flexible working hours or part-time work, without any impact on their career ;
  • Choosing service providers that promote social integration;
  • Supporting the French social economy through the choice of our suppliers.

Gay-Lussac Gestion is a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) agreements whose objective is to ensure the application of these principles to build a sustainable and resilient financial ecosystem.

Supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) since 2021

Gay-Lussac Gestion is proud to be a signatory of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), an initiative that promotes the publication of more transparent financial information on climate change risks.

As a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI) since 2010, this new commitment to the TCFD demonstrates our commitment to building a more resilient financial system as well as increasing the transparency of climate-related risks and opportunities through the voluntary disclosure of better financial and non-financial information for the benefit of our investors.

Social and solidary initiatives

Gay-Lussac Gestion, in accordance with its social and ESG commitments, accompanies and supports employment in France through the financing of the company France Active Investissement, an organization that collects solidarity savings and invests in socially innovative companies. Through its contribution, Gay-Lussac Gestion is proud to support the social and solidary initiatives of the entrepreneurs who act on their territory. Moreover, with 3 mutual funds labeled ‘France Relance’, our independent management company is proud to contribute to the economic recovery by supporting the financing needs of French SMEs and SMIs. 


Since September 2021, Gay-Lussac Gestion has become a signatory of the European Finance For Biodiversity Pledge and a supporting member of their foundation.

On the eve of COP15, the UN conference on biodiversity in 2022, Gay-Lussac Gestion joins the other financial institutions signatories in a call for action and awareness to reverse the loss and degradation of biodiversity during this decade.

As a supporting member of the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation, Gay-Lussac Gestion now has access to new methodologies and knowledge concerning biodiversity, and participates through conferences in the foundation’s annual research work.

UN Global Compact supporter since 2022

Since 2022, Gay-Lussac Gestion is committed to the UN Global Compact initiative and its principles in the domains of human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Find out more about the UN Global Compact on their website.

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  • Fossil Fuels policy

SRI Policy

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Exclusion policy

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